Culture and the Brand

Culture and the Brand

One of my first projects when I joined Korn Ferry almost 6 years ago was reviewing and reformatting all of the Partner bios as we neared the launch of a new website.  While a somewhat tedious project, it was an incredible introduction to the pedigree of Korn Ferry.  One bio after another described partners with impressive professional backgrounds, multiple degrees from the world’s best universities, and board positions on a wide range of philanthropic and professional organizations. In addition to the partners with remarkable backgrounds, nearly everyone I met and worked with at corporate headquarters here in Los Angeles conducted themselves with that same level of ambition and drive.

While I knew that Korn Ferry was one of the best brands in the world, I now realize that I took for granted how a brand becomes one of the world’s best.  Of course brand strategy and brand management are key to a brand’s success, but it is the people and culture that are the foundation of a successful brand and without that solid foundation the brand is an empty promise.  Korn Ferry’s world class brand is truly a reflection of its colleagues.

The transformation that Korn Ferry has undertaken, from an executive recruitment firm to a multi-dimensional talent management firm, while remarkable, would not be possible without a culture that believes in the strategy and actively supports it.

The Korn Ferry rebrand is not a case of “let’s rebrand it, then tell everyone about it and force them to like it” but rather a change precipitated by the spirit of Korn Ferry colleagues themselves, and the breadth and depth of their experience.

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