The Power of the Korn Ferry Brand

The Power of the Korn Ferry Brand

When I joined Futurestep in December 2011 as Global Head of Marketing & Communications, I remember how everyone in the Futurestep business would introduce themselves first as a Korn Ferry employee. My initial thought was: How can the Futurestep brand stand out if no one promotes it? I was all the more surprised because the company was just going through a rebranding exercise, with a fresh and bold identity being rolled out.

What, I wondered, was the reason? At first I assumed that perhaps it came down to a lack of pride in the recognition of the brand among Futurestep employees. But the deeper I became immersed in the business, the more I realized there was something else behind it. Yes, they were attached to Futurestep, but its parent company, Korn Ferry, was such a well-established and reputable leader that they couldn’t help but be very proud of belonging to it, too, such that a real sense of esteem could be felt across the organization, at every level.

It was certainly an interesting time to be here, especially as a marketing professional. While I and my team were busy rolling out the new Futurestep identity and raising the profile of the business, Korn Ferry was on a transformational journey itself. As well as experiencing organic growth, the business had made two major acquisitions (Global Novations and PDI Ninth House) and was becoming increasingly positioned as a leading provider of talent management solutions – quite a shift from its traditional niche of executive search.

As a result, the go-to-market strategies became more and more integrated as our solution offerings became richer. As an employee based in France, I was able to see this consolidation process up close and personal. Whereas before, the different operations within the Korn Ferry family had worked out of separate spaces, now we were moving towards shared premises and ever-greater integration. I quickly realized that I was taking part in the next chapter of the Korn Ferry success story!

For us in France, this new era began on July 1st 2013, when all the Korn Ferry, Futurestep and PDI Ninth House employees came together in a new headquarters at Rond-Point des Champs-Elysees. The Paris office became the second largest office by headcount within EMEA after London, and the 7th largest globally – after Minneapolis, London, Los Angeles, Boston, NYC and Shanghai.


So the future is an exciting one. Based in one of the most prestigious avenues in the world, the Korn Ferry Paris office will see the integration of all our service offerings under one master brand – giving us the opportunity to become the foremost global source of leadership and talent consulting services. Nearly five months after the move, we can start to measure how the power of a brand can drive business strategy and generate growth.

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  1. Dominique Virchaux November 23, 2013 at 8:19 am

    Well said Julie. Thanks.

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